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For everybody and EVERY-BODY

Who We Are

At LIVE Coaching & Fitness we are all about mindful, safe and appropriate movement for all bodies and abilities, meeting everyBODY wherever it is in life.   

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Our offerings..

A class for EVERY-BODY 

Zoom Classes

Connect from anywhere

Your movement class is just a click away. All you need if your phone or computer and you are on delivered to you anywhere you go!
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Corporate Trainings

Looking for increased productivity? Here's your opportunity.. 

Are you or your staff always on the run?Need a moment to come down and relax? Why not add a yoga class to your company's calendar? Special events also available. 

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Group Fitness

Strengthen your body 

Our circuits classes are a great way to strengthen and challenge the body. Each class focuses on the body as a whole. We will work upper body, lower body and core. All you need are some Dumbbells (water bottles work too) and the willingness to have a little fun! 
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At Home or business Service

Prefer in person training? We got you covered. 

Not feeling the ZOOM vibe, thats okay. I can come to you. Whether you are looking for a one on one, semi private or a special event, I can help make that happen. Simply email me so we can get the conversation started.

How We Do It

We know that taking the plunge into something new is hard. LIVE prides itself in meeting everyone where they are TODAY! Therefore all one on one sessions are catered for YOU. No cookie cutter programs, no one size fits all. Just a program that is based on where you are and where you want to go. 

All group classes are tailored to meet the needs of each participant. Plenty of modifications and options are made available.  

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